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Hypertension Canada (HTC) acknowledges the solid background training of Canada's health professionals - as well as the care they take to keep their  skills up to date. Hypertension Canada and the Société québécoise d’hypertension artérielle (SQHA) are offering this online training course to help these professionals acquire and maintain skills specifically geared to a hypertensive clientele.

The Interdisciplinary Management of Hypertensive Patients


1. Basic Concepts and physiology – Dr. Denis deBlois PhD

2. Assessment of patient with hypertension

    1. Physician’s Check List – Dr Ross Feldman MD
    2. Measuring Blood Pressure – Jan Mooney, RN
    3. The Physical Examination – Dr Donna McLean, RN, PhD
    4. Routine Lab Tests - Dr Ernesto Schiffrin MD
    5. Assessing Cardiovascular Risk – Dr James Stone MD

3. Treatment

    1. Antihypertensive treatment: Therapeutic adjustment for main drug classes – Dr Ross Tsuyuki Pharm.D.
    2. Pharmacotherapy - Dr Ross Tsuyuki Pharm.D.
    3. Lifestyle Changes– Nutrition Mrs Gina Sunderland DtP – Physical Activities – Simon Bacon PhD

4. Adherence and Motivation – Dr Charlotte Jones MD

5. Case Studies – Dr Raj Padwal MD

How the course works

  1. This training course has been designed to allow you to participate at your own pace and to fit with your schedule.
  2. Twelve courses (15 to 60 minutes) to be completed in less that 4 months.

At the end, participants receive a certificate of completion from Hypertension Canada and some eligible participants receive credit for their continuing professional development.

Registration fee for the entire training course
$225.00 (plus applicable taxes)

If you require assistance anytime throughout the registration process or during the course, please email [email protected]

After completing your registration, you will receive a message giving you access to the course.
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