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Home Blood Pressure Monitors Endorsed by Hypertension Canada

Devices used to measure blood pressure at home can be purchased from most pharmacies and from other stores that sell health-care equipment. This statement should appear on the box and/or in material supplied with the device: Recommended by Hypertension Canada. Blood pressure measuring devices that have a memory or printout for storing readings are recommended as this allows your doctor to see all readings that have been taken. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to check the monitor to make sure it measures your blood pressure accurately.

Recommended Models

  • A&D® or LifeSource® Models: UA651, UA651BLE, UA705, UA767, UA767Fam, 767PAC, 767Plus, 787EJ, 787AC, 787W, 631, 853, 854, 855,  UA 1020CN (UA 1030CN)
  • Atico International and Le Groupe Jean Coutu Models: KD-556, KD-5031, KD-5963, A58H0401
  • Beurer North America LP Models: Beurer BM35, Beurer BM44, Beurer BM47, Beurer BM58, Beurer BM60, Beurer BM66
  • HoMedics® Models:
    BPA-040-0CA (BP-A04-00CA)
    BPA-060-0CA (BP-A06-00CA)
    BPA-110-2CA (BP-A11-02CA)
  • iHealth Models: Blood Pressure DOCK-BP 3, iHealth BP5 
  • Microlife: WatchBP BP 3MX1-1
  • Omron® Models: HEM-705CPCAN, HEM-741CAN, HEM-711DLXCAN, HEM-773ACCAN, HEM-775CAN, HEM-790ITCAN, BP742CAN, BP760CAN, BP762CAN, BP785CAN, BP710CANN, BP742CANN, BP765CAN, BP761CAN, BP786CAN
  • Physio Logic Model: HL868BA, 106-910, 106-915
  • BIOS Diagnostics: BD201, BD215, BD209 (BD204), A6PC, 3AL1, 3MS1-4K
  • Tremblay Harrison Inc Models : ABP-C1, ABP-C2 and ABP-C3
BrandRetailer's Product NumberEquivalent Model
Equivalent Model 172208
BP 3AR1-3E
Exact 83577 BP 3BM1-4D
Exact 01281 BP 3MV1-3E
Exact 01282 BD205
Selection 92382 BP 3MU1-3E
Reserve RBPM1352 BP 3AA1-2
Be Better RX802 BP 3NB1-1X
Be Better RX800 BD204
Be Better RX805 BD209
Life Brand 5534 BP 3BX0-1
Life Brand 6719 BP A100 Plus
Life Brand 6359 BP 3AA1
Life Brand 7482 BD215
Option + D418906 BP 3BNK1
Equate 20457 BP 3AC1-1
Equate 20557 BP 3BF2-A
Equate 20657 BP 3AN1-3X
IMPORTANT NOTE: Automated blood pressure recording devices may not work properly in all individuals such as persons with an irregular heart rhythm. Some models may perform better than others when an irregular heartbeat is present. If you have this condition, mention it to the sales staff and make certain that the device takes proper readings before making a purchase.

standard-for-accuracyThe presence of this logo indicates that the device meets an established standard for accuracy, that tests results have been published in a peer reviewed journal, and that validation data has been assessed by a committee of Hypertension Canada.

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